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Reflections On Personal Reasons For Hostility To Radical Life Extension

We deny our fate this abominable condition, and we take refuge in religion, fatalism ... we adorn death with cosmic positive meaning, reasons and even virtues ... In short rather than keeping our eyes open, we rebuff. Click To Tweet Is this optimism a form of denial? Not quite, because it admits the atrocious state of our current condition, it does not deny it. It faces it with deep enthusiasm granted by the vision of a future where THE problem would be solved once for all. Click To Tweet There will be no reason for new loved one loss: most will want to benefit from the radical extension of life. We will remain surrounded by our loved ones. This expectation alone is enough to fuel our enthusiasm for the world of tomorrow. Click To Tweet The prospect of a radical life extension disrupts the intellectual scaffolding, because it puts everything in question: desiring to extend life by technology is the confession that current intellectual solutions are just substitutes for lack of better. Click To Tweet


Top Answers to The Catastrophism Surrounding the Prospect of a Radically Longer Life

If a technology allows an individual to commit a mass crime, there will be even more technology to protect ourselves … thanks to the positive bias. Click To Tweet The positive bias is decentralized. It’s people like you and me who yearn for a peaceful and positive life. The positive bias is in us. Click To Tweet The positive bias precedes us in everything we do, shapes and guides our development. The bias is like a force, an order in the universe, a direction like gravity. We do not progress toward chaos, we progress toward order and harmony. Click To Tweet Often people are not aware of the positives technological scenarios that lie in the future. They have only a fragmentary, “Hollywood” vision and have never considered the fact that the future may be better than the present. Click To Tweet


Top Answers to Societal Arguments Against Radical Life Extension

the radical life extension would be lived at an age, or the return to an optimum age, equivalent to 25 years old, for example. It is at the summit of its vigor and without disease that one has to imagine living for hundreds of years. Click To Tweet To be able to live as long as desired in good health is the dream of humanity, the consecration of medicine … it deserves that we try everything to achieve it, basing our hope on reason, science and technology. Click To Tweet Women would no longer be forced to procreate “while it is still time” and could decide to have a child for love, at the right time, with the right person. It could be well over 45 years before that happens. Click To Tweet Pollution is also a sign of technological underdevelopment, poor performance, waste and inefficient tools for dealing with matter. The shift to post-industrial era will be possible, in our opinion, only by the development of new technologies Click To Tweet


Top Answers to Religious Arguments Against Radical Life Extension

You might also choose not to benefit from radical life extension technologies. It is crucial that all these future technologies remain accessible on a voluntary basis and not imposed. Click To Tweet It should be verified in each religion, but did a God or Gods ever specifically express themselves against a very long lifespan? On the contrary, religions tend to be rather pro-life. Click To Tweet Anyone who objects to the radical extension of life on the pretext that it is not natural, is himself in default of naturalness if he does not live as a caveman without medicine and hygiene. Click To Tweet Today we are actively trying to cure diseases that are often the CONSEQUENCE of aging: Alzheimer, dementia, some cancers, clogged arteries …. Preventing the aging process itself would eradicate the CAUSES of these diseases. Click To Tweet Living a longer lifespan would allow learning more about God’s creation. Click To Tweet


Top Answers to Philosophical Reasons Against Radical Life Extension

It is actually your programed termination that plunges you into a state of chronic depression as you age. How can one be fully happy in the death camp that is our present life? Click To Tweet The elimination of aging is not synonymous with immortality or eternal life. It is above all a question of CHOICE: the elimination of age would confer a perpetual youth, but each one would remain free to CHOOSE to interrupt the course of his life. Click To Tweet It is the lifting of the threat that gives the most flavor to your life, that unleashes your love of living, because you are no longer obliged to condition yourself in accepting to lose what is most valuable: your life. Click To Tweet If we reach a radically longer lifespan, there would be no reason to stop experiencing the delight of filling the basic needs. Click To Tweet Couldn’t being alive, surrounded by our beloved ones all in perfect health and for as long as possible, constitute a reason for living sufficient and absolute? Click To Tweet It is a different society that is emerging on the horizon, a society where experience of life and youth of the body will be combined. Click To Tweet


Maria Entraigues Abramson interview about Cryonics

We know that one day we will get aging under medical control, there's no doubt about that, the big question is -will it happen in our lifetime?. Maria Entraigues Abramson Click To Tweet If you think about it, the concepts of radically long lifespans, resurrection and eternal life, have been brought to us mainly by religion. Maria Entraigues Abramson Click To Tweet Cryonics is just another medical intervention, like heart surgery, organ transplants, an induced coma, blood transfusions, or any of the countless therapies we use to extend our lives today. Maria Entraigues Abramson Click To Tweet I bet you though, that all the people who so strongly fight these ideas today, would immediately take -the pill- if they were losing their health to aging and could stop it or reverse it. Maria Entraigues Abramson Click To Tweet I believe life is wonderful, it is the most valuable thing I have and I want as much of it as as I can get. Maria Entraigues Abramson Click To Tweet if I imagine myself alone in the future, I choose to picture the best scenario, which is that after many years I will hopefully have created new meaningful friendships and relationships. Maria Entraigues Abramson Click To Tweet


My reading notes: “Preserving Minds, Saving lives”. Cryonics and Religion (7)

When semantics is properly established, we realize that the cryonicist vision can perfectly coexist with religious conceptions. Click To Tweet Thus for cryonics it is a question of lengthening the patient’s lifetime, it does not claim to bring them back from nothing, nor does it claim to confer immortality. Click To Tweet If a life imperative seems to characterize all religions, then the preservation of life offered by cryonics would coincide perfectly with this imperative! Click To Tweet There is no doubt that cryonicists are lovers of life; their commitment to being cryogenized is the ultimate proof. In love, only acts matter! Click To Tweet Cryonics will not resurrect the dead. It intends to reanimate patients who were kept in suspension. Click To Tweet


My reading notes: “Preserving Minds, Saving lives”. Cryonics Resuscitation (6)

The only real death of the future will be the demolition of brain information that structures an identity. Click To Tweet The notion of life and identity is therefore correlated with the -information- stored in your brain, and the irreversible death of the future would be that of information! Click To Tweet The premise of molecular nanotechnology is that if nature is capable of doing it, so can we. Click To Tweet Neuronal archeology consists of deducing from existing structural indices, the missing structure of the vanished memory, in order to reconstitute it! Click To Tweet


My reading notes: “Preserving Minds, Saving lives”. Cryonics Preservation (5)

It is CRITICAL to minimize the formation of ice crystals that can damage the tissues during the freezing or vitrification phase. Click To Tweet If freezing does not change the taste of your broccoli and remains a viable way to preserve food... it is totally unfit to preserve a human and the organic structure of his being, personality, and memories. Click To Tweet If we could cryopreserve individuals without ice crystals and without the toxicity of antifreeze, then we would have reached a significant step of the cryopreservation phase. Click To Tweet As of today, and as long as there are fractures, cryonics must project its hopes into a futuristic reparation process that would ensure the viability of the reanimation cycle. Click To Tweet


My reading notes: “Preserving Minds, Saving lives”. Cryonics History (4)

The pioneers of cryonics remind me of the scientists who undertook the dissection of bodies in the Middle Ages. Practitioners lacked tools and experience, but their attempts led to the establishment of a great deal of anatomical knowledge. Click To Tweet Cryonics is not only a matter of science, it is also an extraordinary act of individual faith, a change of mental paradigm, a leap to the unknown. Click To Tweet Is the current impossibility of performing the cryosuspension / resuscitation cycle sufficient reason for inaction? Cryonicists clearly don’t think so, especially since the risk for the volunteer is null! What can a deceased person lose? Click To Tweet


Mind My reading notes: “Preserving Minds, Saving lives”. Cryonics History (3)

Circumspection of new scientific and medical theories is not a bad thing. Skepticism prevents anyone from claiming absurdities. But often, the resistance is wasting precious time especially when it is more cultural than scientific. Click To Tweet It is in this second cultural aspect that Future Is Great is positioned. We want to change the prevailing negative vision of the future so people will accept the idea that a radical extension of life can be 1) Desirable 2) Possible. Click To Tweet Wouldn’t it be more comforting to stand before a cryogenic tank rather than a coffin containing the rotting corpse of a loved one forever decomposed? Click To Tweet


My reading notes: Preserving Minds, Saving lives. 2

Individuals are confronted with the concept of death and necessarily solve the problem by adopting a set of beliefs, religious or otherwise. The -problem-, being intellectually -settled-, people do not want to leave their comfort zone. Click To Tweet Cryonics could be a temporary solution that we contemplate with a rather benevolent eye, because if the cryonicists bet is won, cryonics is the only contemporary gateway to the future. Click To Tweet For us, the absence of a cosmic context is not a weakness but a force. The meaning we give to our existence is introspective, immanent. Click To Tweet Future Is Great is not a proselyte movement ... rather than convert, we want to educate and inspire those who are most spontaneously receptive to our ideas. Click To Tweet


My reading notes: Preserving Minds, Saving lives. 1

What is now considered an irreversible death, would no longer be in the future, where the means to -restart the machine- will be infinitely more elaborate than they are today. Click To Tweet If I wake up in 50 years and my body and brain structure is sufficiently preserved so that I can regain my personality and all my memories .... am I the same person? Click To Tweet


A meaning of life

Our approach is ultimately an aspiration to the ultimate freedom: that of being able to CHOOSE to live as long as desired. Click To Tweet Future Is Great has somehow solved its spiritual quest: we acknowledge our wanting to live indefinitely, but rather than seeking to appease our fear of death by irrational, spiritual elaborations, we want to solve the problem once and for all. Click To Tweet Preserving our life by a scientific and technological method is a passion us, and one that animates and nourishes our quest for spirituality. Living away from biological decay is more than an objective, it is also a meaning. Click To Tweet Even if our spiritual response is not a part of a transcendent divine cosmic order providing an answer to of all our questions. WE choose to want to live. It does not matter if our immanent approach has no other meaning than the one WE give it. Click To Tweet Hoping to put an end to the inevitability of our fate and focusing our efforts and aspirations in this direction, everyday, brings us the spiritual satisfaction we need. Click To Tweet


Artificial Intelligence, Testosterone and Estrogen…

How can one imagine emotions like love or anger, in a brain torn from all its glands and its instinctive structure? Click To Tweet Technology being a tool, the responsibility lies with those who use it. It is our duty to develop an ethic to supervise weak AIs lacking autonomy and having the function of serving humanity. Click To Tweet How could I be faithfully simulated in a computer, when we know that the functioning of my brain is influenced by the endocrine system, my kilo of microbiota, and by so many other factors that unroll outside of the brain? Click To Tweet The endocrine system, microbiota system, circadian system, nervous system, reproductive system, circulatory, digestive... they all contribute to the expression of our identity. A digital clone could not ignore the influence of any of them. Click To Tweet



After all, what’s more important than our loves, our families, and our friends? To achieve this, we still need to overcome the major barriers that are the four arch foes, mainly: aging, disease, environmental problems and poverty. Click To Tweet Though I do not want to, and I cannot promise anything, it seems unrealistic to me that in 50, 100, 200 years or more, we have not been able to get rid of cancer, aging, fossil fuels and all that crap. Click To Tweet I want to offer people an alternative vision, a radically optimistic and resolving one. To let them see, the possibility of a future where we will have solved most of our problems and where we will have the choice to live as long as desired. Click To Tweet The scientific and technological dimension is not the only one. We must now weigh on the cultural dimension, and in doing so, promote the virtuous circle between cultural influence and positive technological development. Click To Tweet How to fully appreciate life today if we know that the joy of living, these People we love will be ripped off by an inescapable death? The more we appreciate life, the more the incarnation of the ephemeral seems absurd. Click To Tweet



The goal is to live as long as we want, in perfect health, surrounded by our beloved ones. More than a goal, this is a meaning of life! We have resolved our spiritual quest and anything that will contribute to this quest will nourish our spirituality. Click To Tweet Human life: We value human life which we judge worthy of preservation. Click To Tweet We are not making any promises. We think that human life is worthy of preservation and that it might be possible to slowdown, interrupt, and maybe reverse the aging process, but we are not sure. Click To Tweet


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